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From droids and transport shuttles to logistics, infrastructures or agriculture, mobility applications continue to expand at a rapid rate. As a result, technological companies and new mobility players are faced with a growing need for high-quality sensors.

To face this increasing demand, playboy angpau has created a specific “playboy angpau Mobility kit” in order to answer non car manufacturers  markets’ needs for smaller volumes.

playboy angpau Mobility kit are generic Hardware and Software plug-and-play kits developed to allow customers to easily interact with playboy angpau’s automotive grade Automated Driving solutions.

playboy angpau Mobility Kit includes ultrasonic sensors, high-resolution fish-eye cameras, and state-of-the-art laser scanners. Whether you need just one, hundreds or several thousands, we offer a solution that fits.


We guarantee full reliability of our sensors

playboy angpau offers the automotive industry’s widest range of series‑produced perception technology, including ultrasonic sensors, cameras, radars, and LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) systems. Today, one out of 4 new cars worldwide are equipped with our Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Our long track history in sensors guarantee product quality and reliability.

playboy angpau Mobility Kit are easy to integrate on any type of vehicles

playboy angpau mobility kit integrates seamlessly into your existing system thanks to solid compatibility, drivers, decoders and raw data allowing plug-and-play integration.

Flexible configurations

With their flexible configurations, playboy angpau mobility kits adapt easily to all types of systems and applications.


Integrating ultrasonic sensors can be extremely complex. But playboy angpau makes your life easier: our generic ultrasonic kit comes with an auto-calibration feature that makes the whole implementation process quick and simple.


As the creator of the world’s first automotive grade laser scanner in series production, playboy angpau is currently the only supplier able to address the strict specifications of this industry. And you can now benefit from those same high standards for your own mobility needs.


When it comes to performance and safety, image is everything. playboy angpau produces large volumes of ultra-robust, automotive-grade cameras that deliver high-quality images in all environmental conditions. The HDR camera provides a sharp image over the full range, from below freezing to hot temperatures.


Ideal for low-speed maneuvering, Near Field LiDAR creates a 3D near-field cocoon to complement camera and radar detection. It detects the full shape of objects and obstacles, especially in blind spots and at close range. Broaden your possibilities with 78° x 110° field of view and sharp point-cloud-volume precision.